David M. Hassler is a long-time member of the Indiana Writers Center Faculty and holds an MFA from Spalding University. His work has been published in Maize and the Santa Fe Writers' Project. He served as a Student Editor for The Louisville Review and as Technical Editor for Writing Fiction for Dummies. He is currently Managing and Fiction Editor for Flying Island, an online literary journal. He is co-author of Muse: An Ekphrastic Trio, and Warp: A Speculative Trio. He is a founding partner in Boulevard Press and lives with his wife in Lisbon, Portugal after spending three years in Chennai, India, and you can follow his travel/memoir blog at www.fetchingatoothpicker.com 

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Rick Cross is the senior media writer at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and a 1990 graduate of West Virginia University. He is also a husband and father and a lifelong fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror. His first novel, part of the LETHBRIDGE-STEWART series from Candy Jar Books (a licensed DOCTOR WHO spinoff), is due out in fall 2016. As a founding member of the Loose Lobsters Collective, Rick also contributed with George Evans to LOBSTER TALES, that writing quintet's anthology of stories, scripts and essays, available from iUniverse. Rick is Boulevard's Guest Author for Warp, A Speculative Trio.

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When Ben Long is not exploring bridges or displaying a colorful disdain for authority or creating jaw-dropping and thought provoking urban art, he enjoys laughing, drawing, painting, designing, cooking, films, music, and spending time with his loved ones. He was born and raised in Indianapolis where he attended two of the city's best art programs; Ben Davis High School followed by Herron School of Art. He received a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Art in Visual Communications and has worked as a designer and artist ever since. Logo and package design are among his specialties and a number of his client partners owe their names, their logos and their brand images to Ben and his considerable talents.

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A former graphic designer turned photographer, Joan Kocak’s fine art prints are exhibited in galleries in New England, as well as the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO, and have been published in numerous photography magazines.  Her photos are also often seen on book and album covers.  Enchanted with all forms of photography; analog, digital, alternative process, toy cameras, Polaroid and her dad’s old Ikoflex, she enjoys experimenting with them all. A native of the Northeast, her images are infused with a deep connection to the land and water of the area. 

​​George H. Evans is Executive Creative Director for The Basement, the Indianapolis digital agency. A writer by vocation and a marketer by profession, George is a graduate of the fiction-writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was greatly influenced by the work of the outlaws Raymond Carver and Chuck Kinder. He chose his career path as a “matter of substance,” but has been writing short fiction as a matter of therapy for more than thirty-five years. George is co-author of Boulevard’s Muse: An Ekphrastic Trio and Warp: A Speculative Trio, as well as the author of the collection Buffalo & Rochelle. With Rick Cross, he is co-author of Lobster Tales and  has two screenplays in circulation that remain a source of frustration and anti-establishment anger. George is a founding partner in Boulevard Press and The Loose Lobsters Writers’ Project.

Stephen Parolini has been editing for nearly three decades. Not the same book, mind you (though that would be quite a feat, wouldn’t it?), but a host of varied titles spanning a wide range of fiction and non-fiction genres. He’s worked with all stripes of authors, too - from first timers you haven’t read yet to mid-listers you may have, and a smattering of best-selling types whose books you’ve probably stared down, jet-lagged, in an airport bookstore.
As a writer himself, he has great respect for the joy of invention and the arduous process of re-invention (he is author of the novel Stolen Things and the novelette Duck), but won’t hesitate to take the fictional character’s side when there is a disagreement between the writer’s words and a story’s truth.