​​Life Imitates Art.
The story behind a soulful folk song. Behind an iconic painting. The classic story of love found and lost, its soundtrack echoing over the cobbles of an Italian Piazza.
In these three tales, Michael Bloom, George Evans, and David Hassler explore how life and art are inexorably intertwined, tugging on the strings that guide us in matters of music, memories, and love . . . and making good coffee.

Caper, A Mystery Trio

Whodunits with a twist, tales with unlikely sleuths and chilling suspense. With a special Guest Author to be announced soon! 2023

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​​Praise for
Muse, An Ekphrastic Trio

I know I like a story if I reach the conclusion and my attention lingers, wishing for just a few more pages, a few more words in a world where I’ve lost myself. All three stories in Muse: An Ekphrastic Trio inspire my yearning for an extended stay.
– Cate McGowan, author of True Places Never Are

This trio of stories, each inspired by a different work of art, will deliver you to the place where art is made and remind you, again, why the arts are essential.
– Barbara Shoup, author of Looking For Jack Kerouac

Muse is what American writing should be: vibrant, urgent, often searing, and thoroughly compelling. You’ll find yourself seeking out more of these authors’ work—Yes:  they’re that good.
– Jerry Holt, author of The Killing of Strangers


On Word!

Warp, A Speculative Trio

It's About Time.

​​A wealthy time traveler’s hunt for the ultimate quarry. A returning Iraq veteran’s discovery of a more hideous enemy in the hills at home. The profit motive taken to its ultimate conclusion in a world where capitalism and religion have been outlawed.

In these three speculative tales, David Hassler, George Evans, and Rick Cross continue the tradition of Muse, An Ekphrastic Trio, and explore the far and near reaches of time and the universe, of the intersections of burning lusts and unyielding dogma, of pride and jealousy and ambition, bringing us back as ever to our deepest and most forbidden yearnings.

Limp, A Menage a Trio

Tales of the follies and perils of sex. With Guest Author Randy Wireman. 2022

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